"Smollett Junior"

Resin casted sets to assemble 1 model. Plastic 25mm base included (write if you need to replace it with 32mm or 28mm).

Height to eyes: 23mm. Height to top of a head: 29 mm.

Sculpted by Igor Karpov (instagram.com/sold_atiki) 3d scan editing, sculpting the book and the head with a cigar: "Forfun miniatures"

For your convenience it's available in 3 variants: - full set with all options - "sci-fi" with almost no options ("Commissar") - "fantasy" without options ("Captain")

c.Smollet (Teaser-trailer)

Обработка видео...


Обработка видео...

Full set

The set comes with options: - 2 heads - 3 right arms - 2 left arms - 2 legs

"Commissar Smollett Jr." (sci-fi set)

"Captain Smollett Jr." (fantasy set)

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