About items
All models are supplied unpainted and disassembled.
In order to avoid misunderstandings, i suggest recording an unboxing video of the package when you first open it. This way we have the evidence in case something arrives in an imperfect condition.
Mold lines, casting gates, models with residues or with slightly bent parts are not eligible for return. To clean residues, rinse the model with water and soap. To correct bent models, submerge the bent part in hot water and apply a moderate force to the desired position.

About shipping
To any country: $15 Delivery time in 2022: to some countries (like USA) it take less time, in some other it can take much more time. I can recomend to expect that it can take up to 1-4 months, most of which your package will be at the border. Сurrently unable to send packages to: Austrlia, New Zealand, Poland. You place an order at your own risk - there is no refund for "long delivery time" or "stuck package". Only if the tracking shows that the order was returned to the sender, or 5 months have passed since dispatch. I ship by national postal service as "small package" with a tracking number. This number will be sent to your e-mail after your order is dispatched. Shipping takes place usually between 1 to 3 days (it may take a week after restocking). For tracking i recommend to use universal tracking services, such as: www.17track.net
Important things about "standart shipping" to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and frustrations: due to some of their international postal agreements, in some countries (for example, Australia and Canada) tracking of "small packages" may stop working (for example, tracking will work until the borders of Russia and the last status will be something about export/import between countries). Or delivery times may be longer (such as in December due to Christmas Holidays, or now due to COVID-19). There is no problems and everything arrive fine. But if you nerviouse and want to be sure with full tracking, or you need faster delivery - please, do not order, first write me at forfunminiatures@gmail.com to discuss options. For example, if you prefer some other delivery service (EMS, UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.) - you can check the cost of shipping on their sites (from Yekaterinburg, Russia, weight/size - for example, 90gr and 12*7*5 cm).