Mecha arms

Set of 10 parts to assemble 2 customize mechanical arms.

1) This is a constructor - great possibilities or posing through rotation in the joints. The attached video is more eloquent than words and pictures. 2) Universal design: each arm can be right or left. Also it could be used not only for orcs! 3) Parts are interchangeable - for assembling "your own" design.

(in the first copies there was one more additional "shoulder" for even more design variability)

Fit for 28/32mm scale miniatures. These bits are fully compatible with Games Workshop's fantasy orcs and space orks, for example. Resin casted.

Mecha arms (turntable)

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Mecha arms (showcase)

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Orcs (Experimental Mob 1/2)

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Big Orcs (Experimental Mob 2/2)

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History of the release