3d models for printing

Rocket smoke (flying stem for miniatures)

3d printable model of flying stem rocket smoke style. Was made to use in combination, for example, with Games Workshop's Stormboyz.
Length: ~3,5 cm Width: ~ 2,5 cm Height: ~ 5,5 cm $1: https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/1473361

FREE: Plinths from the statue in front of Games Workshop HQ in Nottingham

You can make your own GW office now - just print one of these free 3d models and put a model of Stormcast Liberator on the top :D
There are 2 versions. "Heroic scale" - if you want to just print it as it is, and 3D printer is not the best in the world. "True scale" - if want to print it on something like "Envision", or if you want to rescale it to print in bigger size.

FREE: Mordecai and Rygbi (from "Regular show")

3d printable 28mm scale miniatures with options. Based on the characters Mordecai and Rygbi from the TV series "Regular show" - love the show so much, so even when I bought the artbook, this was not enough for me, so I made these miniatures :)
"Mordecai" is 31mm tall from the feet to the eyes, 36mm total. "Rygbi" is 22mm tall from the feet to the eyes, 25mm total. Options: 4 heads for Mordecai (3 emotions and 1 "war" head to use in wargames), 2 arms for Rygbi (1 keytar and 1 water-gun to use in wargames).

Also you can check personal Patreon page of the author of "Forfun miniatures", where were placed a few of different models (including some of "out of production" Forfun's releases).