"Forfun Miniatures" - resin casted alternative miniatures and bits for wargames and miniature fans.
2022 takes over from previous covid years and caused a new problems in sending parcels and payment. 1) About payment: Due to current troubles with the payment there is no "regular" online store. The site is working as a catalouge of releases and list of stuff in stock. If you would like to order something, you need to write to email or in Direct Messages of Instagram/Facebook account. 2) About delivery time: to some countries (like UK/USA) packages goes fast, in some other it can take much more time. Just in case i can recomend to expect that it can take up to 1-4 months, most of which your package will be at the border. Сurrently unable to send packages to: Austrlia, New Zealand, Poland. You place an order at your own risk - there is no refund for "long delivery time" or "stuck package". Only if the tracking shows that the order was returned to the sender, or 5 months have passed since dispatch. Of course all of these sounds not so "customer-oriented" - sorry, but that's the only way there are at the moment. For a new customers who are afraid to leave a first order with such conditions, can only recommend to ask to place your order somebody who has already successfully ordered here, and talk with them or to ask them to place your order.
For your convenience, some of the goods are published on Artel W's website: artelw.com/?attribute_Brand=Forfun Miniatures Their prices can be different because they produce copies for sale on their website themselves, pack orders themselves, and so on. An order from their website cannot be combined with orders from this site.

In stock:

The Great Combinator Full set: $14 Ostap Bender: $10
Warrior of Persia 30mm scale: $10 54mm scale: $15
Buddies-Slackers both: $5 one model: $2
Bust of cyber demon without plinth: $25 with plinth: $30 "Two busts" wo plinth: $45 "Two busts" w plinth: $55
Bust of cyber zombie without plinth: $25 with plinth: $30 "Two busts" wo plinth: $45 "Two busts" w plinth: $55
Priest with a chainsaw Set: $10 "Two priests" bundle: $18
Priest-defender Full set: $12 Without options: $10 "Two priests" bundle: $18
Commander Smollett full set: $14 "Commissar": $10 "Captain": $10 "Colonel": $10 Additional torso: $2 "Super kit": $17
Smollett Junior full set: $10 Commissar: $8 Captain: $8
Toad of war big: $6 small: $5
Pumpkin candles $4 (for 1 candle)
Scumbag hands big orc size: $4
Orc jaws middle-tricky: $5 middle-square: $5 big-square: $5
If 3d printed stuff is ok for you, any of "Forfun miniature" releases could be printed. Of course, customization is possible (size you need or to flip - for free). The process takes 3-6 days. There is choice "Better quality/less price": "Quality": printer is "Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12k", resin is "Phrozen Aqua Gray". "Cheaper": printer is "Elegoo Saturn 2 8k", resin is more usual/popular. Examples: Instagram, Facebook